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Every day a new virus is found, a new attack pattern is discovered, a plan to disrupt our way of life is uncovered and we are there.  We monitor, discover, plan, develop and train so that our customers are ever-ready to respond to known and unknown threats and possibilities.  Novel Applications is a premier provider of IT Solutions and Services to the Federal, Local and Commercial markets.  We have worked in these areas for many years and our personnel are experience and innovative leaders in their respective fields.  The company provides support in the areas of Cyber Security, Information Security, Systems Integration and Enterprise Architecture. We provide our customers with an unparalleled support and an attention to detail that lets them know we are a vested partner in their success.

We don’t just provide a solution to our customer, we provide our company and all that it has to offer.  Our customer’s success is our mission.

Ivan M. Johnson

Novel Applications of Vital Information, Inc

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