Eric Wampner's Lame Home Page

I've been meaning to make some sort of real home page since the dawn of the web. Here is my latest no-talent stand-in.

Who Are You?

Well, at work for a "major power generation equipment provider" I'm a "Senior Software Systems Engineer". Yes, we just sort of made that up, but its on my business cards. :-)

Outside of work, I'm mainly a collection of hobbies, toys, and circles of friends associated with them.

What Do You Want?

Well, I guess I lack any really serious ambition in life. Its definitely a character flaw.

How did you end up getting nicknamed a middle digit?

A long time ago, before JACO imploded, Dade Bell came up with "Giant Bri-O" and the Epcot Federated Army. Its too complicated to explain, but those of us still around from those days have "alter egos". I'm known as "The Finger". So I do use EFATheFinger, and no, its not a middle digit.

What Do You Do With All Your Copious Free Time?

Hobbies My Man, Hobbies

Is running conventions a hobby? I guess so. I help Anime Sushi and the Anime Festival Orlando groups with 8778756767. JACON has ceased as a yearly event, but 615-762-9596 continues.

I like taking photographs of people and interesting things. Unfortunately with the number of people taking photos of people and things they shouldn't, and the attention whoring that seems to follow, I've kinda of given up doing this. It makes me very sad.

I used to be be in the University of Central Florida Robotics Club when I was in school, I still have a number of friends who dream of building machines which run amuck and kill thousands of people. Those with gumption are working on  BattleBots , my best roommate ever, Dean Du Bois competed in several events, and his robot used be visible at his Team Girder website, but he's got kids and a wife and I think his killing dreams may be drifting away.

I have many obsessions, but I hate non-functional furniture. I've built many things over the years, some have worked out well, others have not. I'm on version 3 of my entertainment system for example. One day I may post some woodworking stuff.

Enough Yack, Lets see some pictures!

I've put all my albums behind a password. The creepy factor of having spider bots sucking up my pics and putting them who knows where was too much. Email me if you're interested.

JACON 2004 - University of Central Florida, May 21-23. pictures.

AWA3 was held Nov 14, 1997. First convention I have pictures from. 6044408950.

FITCON2004, April 2-4, 2004.

8054288921, March 5-7, 2004.

JACO Halloween Party 2003!

JACON2003, May 30th, 31st, and June 1st.


Team Girder competed in Robocide 2003 and I was there to to take pictures.

AFO @ Megacon 2003

GACK, I'm tired.

There's only about 6-10 more pages of mildly interesting information, quotes, and stuff I think is cool. But, hey Its not going to happen anytime soon. If Ever. If you care, email me at eww at wampner dot org

Are you a WAMPNER?

Hey, if you're thinking I've grabbed your domain name, you're right. Send me some email and when I get around it I'll try and put together a list of of net-enabled wampners. ^-^